Dinner and a Movie on a Post​-​Apocalyptic Earth: 12 Bottle Caps, Successfully Repopulating the Human Race: Priceless

from by The Speed of Sound in Seawater



Qu'est ce-que tu m'aime
comme moi je t'aime?
We're not so condemned
I'll take you out
on one condition
we must continue
this bestial tradition

The knight is a dying breed
for there are few now who remember chivalry
and even less
who can recall
the lengths I went
to be crushed by your jaws

But me
I'm just fine

You and I will go for a ride
on the only tandem bicycle
that's likely to survive

Everything'll be alright
I want to end up where you end up tonight

I'm less inspired by
the setting sun
now that the earth has died
Still I can't describe
how thrilled I am
to be one of two alive

I'm just fine

Morals aside
I'm justified
is on the line

carry the fire
carry the fire
carry the fire


You've got charms aimed for hips
aim for lips
you would try using might
waste of time
give up the fight

It seems that I find something new
That I absolutely adore
about you

I'll take you out
and back to my den
after that I guess whatever happens

Your longwinded speech
buries me up to my neck
my gun just out of reach

If we could find a priest
I'd be happy to oblige you,
sadly they are all deceased

God fearing girls
have no place here

Extinction bound
bearing at the speed of sound
But I will not quit
until we're level with the ground

I don't have a soul
a place to go
a house or home

But I've got gall
I've got time
I've got a goal,
a gal, the goddess of life

You might have a lock
I've got a key
I swear to god
you'd be so happy with me

I'll take you out

The words you craft seem simple
but they hold a different tone
and though it's true, she'd rather die than walk the earth alone,

She will not suffer this
that dress will never touch the ground
I promise Eve is gonna shape the world
her way this time around

I promise


from Red Version, released April 11, 2010
Cory Lockwood: Screams



all rights reserved


The Speed of Sound in Seawater Sacramento

Damien, Fernando, Lucas and Jordan are 4 bffs from Elk Grove, California.

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