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Joshua Davies
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Joshua Davies A great album that provides much calmer versions of a collection of great tracks, and really helps highlight and showcase the vocals Favorite track: The Huge Wheel.
k hideki
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k hideki BEst song/record to listen to when you're down but not down enough and you're about to be all the way down but its so good that you're suddenly not where you were before. this music brings you all the way up. Nice Favorite track: The Huge Wheel.
Jude Casey
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Jude Casey This band is ridiculously underrated. Excellent compositions, and between Acoustics and First Contact, so well-refined. I found myself listening to this EP on repeat, just so catchy and pleasant- and great renditions of some of their best tracks. I know there are probably too little fans to press this on vinyl, but if it were I would eat it up. I settled for the CD. It's something worth solidly preserving. Favorite track: Formaldehyde.
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Soft versions


released March 15, 2013

Damien Verrett - Guitar, Vocals, Percussion
Jordan Seavers - Guitar, Vocals, Violin, Clarinet, Glockenspiel, Percussion
Lucas Ulrici - Guitar, Vocals, Cello, Percussion
Fernando Oliva - Hugs and kisses

Produced, Recorded and Mixed by The Speed of Sound in Seawater

Cover art by Yvette Young



all rights reserved


The Speed of Sound in Seawater Sacramento

Damien, Fernando, Lucas and Jordan are 4 bffs from Elk Grove, California.

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Track Name: Romanticore
I liked you better when you fit in my pocket
Trembling so slightly I could fail to even spot it
Bite sized, still you had teeth enough to rend
The bites got bigger the more mouthfuls we tried to prevent

Didn't even have to look you in the eye
God, they were awful eyefuls to behold
To be sure, they were not pure, those fetid springs we tried to cure,
still we rolled up our sleeves and went down with our sieves to the cay

The vacant gut
the manticore
I could only guess
the beast hungered for something more

Those yawning jaws
my dental awe
three rows of incisors
and not a single flaw

Didn't even have to look you in the eye
God, they were awful eyefuls to behold
They were rotten to the core, those loathsome fruit our orchard bore,
still at the first sign of drop we went out to the crop with our gloves

Don't tell me 'bout all the flesh you've torn through
All the harems that you secretly are sworn to
Out comes the confession, now where's the mystery?
Your history only serves to repulse me

Oh winged one
I'll sleep while you eat
just wake me up when you are done

Take to the air
If you must return for more
I swear I will not care
Track Name: The Huge Wheel
steady now
I didn't even get to tell you who, why or how

steady hands
proof I am an honest man

So much
rat's milk
we drink

Fly honey
wasp wax
weak link

Forever wed
to the huge wheel

I never dread
what I can't feel

Your heart
is one mouth full
Fidelity the evening's only goal

Your reach
exceeds my grasp
chasmic, ever growing gap

Forever wed
to the huge wheel

I only dread
what I can feel

not the biggest fan of change

I'm not the biggest fan of change

Forever wed
to the huge wheel
I never dread
what I can't feel
Track Name: Dinner and a Movie
Qu'est ce-que tu m'aime
comme moi je t'aime?
We're not so condemned
I'll take you out
on one condition
we must continue
this bestial tradition

The knight is a dying breed
for there are few now who remember chivalry
and even less
who can recall
the lengths I went
to be crushed by your jaws

But me
I'm just fine

You and I will go for a ride
on the only tandem bicycle
that's likely to survive

Everything'll be alright
I want to end up where you end up tonight

I'm less inspired by
the setting sun
now that the earth has died
Still I can't describe
how thrilled I am
to be one of two alive

I'm just fine

Morals aside
I'm justified
is on the line

carry the fire
carry the fire
carry the fire


You've got charms aimed for hips
aim for lips
you would try using might
waste of time
give up the fight

It seems that I find something new
That I absolutely adore
about you

I'll take you out
and back to my den
after that I guess whatever happens

Your longwinded speech
buries me up to my neck
my gun just out of reach

If we could find a priest
I'd be happy to oblige you,
sadly they are all deceased

God fearing girls
have no place here

Extinction bound
bearing at the speed of sound
But I will not quit
until we're level with the ground

I don't have a soul
a place to go
a house or home

But I've got gall
I've got time
I've got a goal,
a gal, the goddess of life

You might have a lock
I've got a key
I swear to god
you'd be so happy with me

I'll take you out
Track Name: Formaldehyde
All pests aside,
we need formaldehyde
I'd bridge these gaps
if not for mental lapse

Come now
we've got to
cherish these thoughts some how

These ghosts of friends
increase in increments

serves no purpose
and the word is
you deserve this

All bets are off
for captured Atlas Moth
The tears run dry
for collared butterfly

Goddess, I know
that I haven't a lot to show

serves no purpose
and the worst is
you deserve this

Do you feel bad?
Cause you should
Cause you should

'Neath glass
Your extremities pinned at last

My own
my own
Track Name: Or So He Sphinx
I'm not the one you should be approaching.
All wrapped in riddles
untouched by
only answers

I'm not the one you're after

Which creature at first goes on four legs?
By mid-day two, by evening three?
With each leg added
it grows weaker

What creature could this be?

There are two sisters
close, so close.
One births the other,
and in turn she

then bears her sister.
By what device

Could these two sisters be?

You're such a fascinating subject
Tell me who built you, feline girl
Out in the desert
what surrounds you?

Nothing but rhymes and sand dunes.

I'm not so sure that we're all alone here
I think I'm in love with every one
That silken promise so dismissive
I think I'll just go home now

Our blurring boarders, so confounding
Where you begin and where I end
Chimera, crossbreed our composition
Nothing but rhymes and sand dunes