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Noah Boss
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Noah Boss Vibrant, catchy, technical, and at times both sincere and sarcastic, First Contact is a gem of an album from start to finish. TSOSIS is pioneering a style of indie rock that blends in elements of folk and some classical and jazzy melodic sensibility. The result is absolutely marvelous. Favorite track: The Macabray.
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Logan This is just too good. Please continue making music guys! And I need more merch to buy to support you guys more! Favorite track: The Oddest Sea.
shaun peden
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shaun peden I've been listening to these gents since 2009 and its been an experience to watch them transform and evolve to First Contact. You could say that they have stepped away from their math side a bit but I think that is a dis-service to an incredibly mature record. Favorite track: Winter Solstice Baby.
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The debut LP from The Speed of Sound in Seawater


released August 9, 2013

Produced by The Speed of Sound in Seawater and Robert Cheek
Recorded in Seattle by Robert Cheek at ExEx Audio
Mastered by Eric Broyhill of Monster Lab Audio



all rights reserved


The Speed of Sound in Seawater Sacramento

Damien, Fernando, Lucas and Jordan are 4 bffs from Elk Grove, California.

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Track Name: To Kelly Lee
Please don't leave
Believe in me
I would not lie among the artifacts
Within the sacristy

I know they’re sacred
I know we stand in hallowed halls
I would not speak with such conviction
If I did not fear for us all

But something happened
Something changed
Since we met yesterday evening
The symbols all have rearranged

This now reads “Fire”
That one says “Flame”
And my transcription might be off a bit,
But I think that one says “Pray”

Gather yourself
I need you calm and collected
I feel your dread. I know the fear.
But these thoughts are crippling you

Hold your head high like the minarets
We haven’t been beaten yet
When the whole world starts to pirouette
Let me be your safety net

I know that you’re scared of the local lore
But we’ve conquered worse before
The soothsayers can’t always be correct
‘bout what hasn’t happened yet

Hold your head high like the palace walls
We’re fearless. We stand up tall.
We won’t be afraid of our fates at all
We’ll be brave when judgment calls

If the ground opens up to swallow
The love that we’ve built
Will our world end in grief or elation
trepidation or guilt?

It’s all for naught
The world’s gone to pot
And no heaven’s waitin’ on me

But, when I’m down where it’s warm
Would you still call me yours?
I think I’d still like to be
Track Name: Winter Solstice Baby
That came out all wrong
Tangled and twisted
I wish a cure for
My cold tongue existed

On top of the world
I’m such a cool cat
Living alone
Among ice caps

Smile with your eyes
Thaw the heart I claim
Soften hard hexes
Make warmer my domain

That all came out wrong
Heres’s what I meant to say
Was how I’d prefer you
Cruel, cold and grey

That came out all wrong
Here’s what I meant to do
Put you up in a castle
Not an igloo

smile with your eyes
Thaw the heart I hold
Where now pumps warm red blood
Banishing the cold

You are my sun
Winter has begun
Where did you go?
out in the snow?

Smile with your eyes
Change snow to rain
Where I once felt your warmth
I now feel only pain

I’ll find new warmth
and move away
a brighter sun
I’m glad that you didn’t stay
Track Name: Anyanka
You’re a part of me
I don’t know what I would be
If you abandoned me I think I’d
Do something terrible

I’m a part of you
You must feel this way too
Still, there’s some disconnect
I can’t keep what I say in check

Suddenly amorous feelings transform into
Why can’t I have you right now?

I’m so drawn to you
Your sweetness cuts me right through
I’m damned. It’s bleak. It’s dark
Someday you’ll rip out my still beating heart

Then all at once I feel instantly better
I hear you outside on the porch

When our duplicate gazes align
I can’t bear it

When you’re closing your hand around mine
I can’t bear it

When you’re warming my cheek with your breath
I can’t bear it

It’s scaring me half to death
And I can’t bear it

When the change comes
I’ll go completely numb
You’ll think, “I’ve never seen him look
So vulnerable before”

I’ll ask, “Why” and “how”
“Why are you doing this now?”
“I built myself around you
Now all of it is just a souvenir.”

Time itself will stop
You could hear a pin drop
But all I hear is the sound of the air
deflating out of me

I’ll watch with sparkling eyes
As the light in yours dies
Already I’ve become
A fond and fading memory
Track Name: Apples to Apples, Dust to Dust
Séance séance
Hey, who turned the lights on?
The planchet was movin’
Spelling out our fates
But the light holds it in place

We’ve been trying to make a connection
With the other side
What defines us as mortals gets casted aside.
Now watch the room divide

Light as a feather
Stiff as a board
Don’t pay with blood
For what you can’t afford

I’m convinced
I’m convinced

Our borders breached
No earthly kid
Has ever done
What we just did
Track Name: Opassa's Grotto
Meet me tonight at a quarter past ten
Remember: bring your guitar and a few of your friends
We'll hang our toes in the cerulean tide
We'll sing together and watch the night go by

The song reverberates off sea-dampened walls
Intertwined with the ocean's empty calls
The moon shines down through a hole in the cave
Down in the tide pools which reflect your face

Ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba baaaa baaa ba ba brrrrup ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba

My toes prune up, but I don't mind
because I've got you sittin' by my side, girl
There are somethings static that the tide can't wash away

As we sing together and strum along
I see a glow across the ocean that must be the break of dawn

It must be the break of dawn

As we exit the cave
I can't help but sigh
We can never come back and I'm not quite sure why

It could never compare to last night
we'll never feel better no matter how we try
No matter how we try
Track Name: Lots of Love for Logan
Act natural
Be interesting
Don’t overthink

The night inside a box
The actors vignetted, the camera zooms in on her every time that she talks
depth of field shrinks
With each additional drink

So cinematic
The sets look fantastic
The script is dramatic

Now the second act
A shot reverse shot shows two characters talking
The second one is trapped

framed in profile
She wears a forced smile

So stylistic
This shot’s so artistic
The script is realistic
so pessimistic
Track Name: The Macabray
I count ten in the dusk sun
on the wet grass
facing the woods

And I can't find
Where you have gone
And a cold trail
Is a sign where you've run

and I said, "Ready or not, here I come."
Ready or not, here I come

Trippin' on my laces
I am afraid that I've lost my place
at the end of the neighborhood
edge of the world
This was a mistake

With night clear upon us
I am shone fear
In the autumn of my seventh year

An alarming lapse of sound
I see my breath
just like in the stories

Don't want you to turn around

I don't wanna bask in your ghastly glory anymore
Track Name: Soulmate 2.1
Pass me that soldering gun
I know what to do
Red LEDs under her cheeks
Make her eyes green, not blue

She’ll talk in code
In javascript, C++, Python, maybe
But I don’t mind
I’ve needed someone to talk to lately

so my type
flawless data
still in beta

She’s built exactly to
My specifications
A deity designed for me
Soul Mate 2.1

With all the traits
I’ve looked for in one container
even still
She really couldn’t feel plainer

There’s no recognition. No love in her eyes
don’t recognize cognitive signs.
zeros and ones put her hand into mine
Her skin like marble her grip like a vice

What have I done?
My darling exchanged for this
Callous automaton

Gone all gone
Left here with only a husk
Of a lover

Designed desire
empty shell
I have created
My own living hell

Doing it yourself
Always turns out bad
Schematics can not
rebuild what had

No luck

I’ll try
Harder next time
To work out
The little glitches we find

There's no
simple solution
No shortcut
No substitution

I’ll try
Hard to work on
Being patient
On days when you’re gone

Forgive me, sorry
I’m just so damn
Sick of waiting on
Your fucking program
Track Name: Kid Ghost II
Home at last
Moonlight through the glass
and my eyes lay still
Fixed o'er the windowsill

And far away
I said that you can stay
A familiar light below

A haunting of the friend I used to know